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      IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver IC/Board

      Company Info <<<

      Beijing LMY Electronics Co.,LTD
      Addr: room 8-310,NO.1,Jiao Chang Kou Street, Beijing,P.R.China
      Postcode: 100120
      Tel: +86-10-62024388 86814513
      Fax: +86-10-62024388ext880
      Email: bjlmy@tom.com, webmaster@pwrdriver.com
      MSN: pwrdriver2003@hotmail.com
      QQ: 916840327
      http://www.turkiyemburada.com ; http://www.igbtdrv.com


      Product manual download(English version) <<<

      KA962F driver IC Manual Download
      DA962Dn series driver board Manual Download
      K841/K841L Manual Download
      KA841 Manual Download

      Product List<<<

      TX-KA Series IGBT Driver IC
      The use of high-speed optocoupler isolation, more complete protection with signal blocking function, you can maximize the protection of IGBT. One of a number of models compatible with foreign products. KA101 with perfect three-short-circuit protection, KA102 can drive ultra-high-power IGBT modules.
      Model A brief description of  
      KA101 High Power IGBT Driver IC, perfect three-over-current protection, output current 6A  
      KA102 Ultra-high-power IGBT driver IC, three-sound over-current protection, output current 20A  
      KA201 Application of current-mode circuit for the single-tube high-power IGBT drive module  
      KA301 Thin IGBT driver IC, no over-current protection, output current 6A  
      K841 Alternative direct EXB841, with soft turn-off features over-current protection, output current 6A  
      K841L EXB841 and improved version of the K841, a drive to increase pressure and increase the safety of the circuit, with the soft turn-off feature over-current protection, output current of 6A.  
      KA841 EXB841 and improved version of the K841, a drive to increase pressure and increase the safety of the circuit, with the soft turn-off feature over-current protection, output current of 6A, the isolation voltage of 3500V.  
      K57959 K57959 Alternative direct M57959, with soft turn-off feature over-current protection, output current of 3A, the need for positive and negative dual power supply.  
      K57962 K57962 Alternative direct M57962, with soft turn-off feature over-current protection, output current of 5A, the need for positive and negative dual power supply.  
      KA959 Compatible upgrade of the M57959-based, with the blockade of the over-current protection function, the output current of 3A, only single power supply.  
      KA962 Compatible upgrade of the M57962-based, with the blockade of the over-current protection function, the output current of 6A, only single power supply.  
      TX-KB Series IGBT drive
      The use of transformer isolation, relatively high operating frequency, with better protection, with the signal blocking function.
      Model A brief description of Operating frequency Dimensions (W x H)
      KB102 High-power IGBT driver IC, the use of transformer isolation, relatively high operating frequency, the blockade with the over-current protection function, the output current of 6A, only single power supply. 30-200K 51X23.5
      TX-KC Series IGBT drive
      Relatively perfect protection with signal blocking function, the use of transformer isolation, the use of time-sharing self sub power supply, power supply isolation without users.
      Model A brief description of  
      KC101 200A/1200V to drive the IGBT driver IC, a relatively complete protection with signal blocking function, the use of transformer isolation, self-built time-sharing power supply, no external power supply isolation.  
      TX-KD Series IGBT drive
      More and the use of transformer isolation, the use of time-sharing sub-self-power, compact size, low price, easy to use, able to drive a variety of single-tube and half-bridge, double forward, synchronous rectification circuit of twin-tube, but in general does not apply to low frequency, non-built-IGBT over-current protection function.
      KD1xx series of one-tube-IGBT drive
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 工作頻率 Operating frequency 尺寸(寬x高) Dimensions (W x H)
      KD101 KD101 單管高頻IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC,可驅動20-60A/400-1700V的IGBT或MOSFET Single-tube high-frequency IGBT / MOSFET driver IC, can drive 20-60A/400-1700V the IGBT or MOSFET 40-200K 40-200K 21X27 21X27
      KD102 KD102 單管高頻大功率IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC,可驅動400A/600V或200A/1200V系列IGBT或MOSFET Single-tube high-frequency high-power IGBT / MOSFET driver IC, can drive 400A/600V or 200A/1200V Series IGBT or MOSFET 40-200K 40-200K 25.5X29 25.5X29
      KD103 KD103 單管高頻中小功率IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC,可驅動5-25A/50-1000V的IGBT或MOSFET Small and medium-sized single-tube high-frequency power IGBT / MOSFET driver IC, can drive 5-25A/50-1000V the IGBT or MOSFET 60-300K 60-300K 18.5X20.7 18.5X20.7
      KD106 KD106 單管低頻IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC,可驅動20-75A/400-1700V的IGBT或MOSFET Single-tube low-frequency IGBT / MOSFET driver IC, can drive 20-75A/400-1700V the IGBT or MOSFET 5-150K 5-150K 25x19 25x19
      KD107L KD107L 單管低頻IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC,可驅動20-75A/400-1700V的IGBT或MOSFET Single-tube low-frequency IGBT / MOSFET driver IC, can drive 20-75A/400-1700V the IGBT or MOSFET 6-100KHz 6-100KHz 30x21 30x21
      KD107H KD107H 單管超高頻IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC,工作頻率可達到1MHz,可驅動20-75A/400-1700V的IGBT或MOSFET Single-tube ultra-high frequency IGBT / MOSFET driver IC, the operating frequency up to 1MHz, the 20-75A/400-1700V can drive MOSFET or IGBT 60-1MHz 60-1MHz 30x21 30x21
      KD2xx系列雙正激IGBT/MOSFET驅動器 Forward KD2xx Series dual IGBT / MOSFET driver
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 工作頻率 Operating frequency 尺寸(寬x高) Dimensions (W x H)
      KD201 KD201 雙正激IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC(20-60A/400-1700V),工作頻率60-250K Forward dual IGBT / MOSFET driver IC (20-60A/400-1700V), operating frequency of 60-250K 60-250K 60-250K 28X29 28X29
      KD202 KD202 雙正激IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC(20-60A/400-1700V),工作頻率20-200K Forward dual IGBT / MOSFET driver IC (20-60A/400-1700V), operating frequency of 20-200K 20-200K 20-200K 30X20 30X20
      KD203 KD203 雙正激IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC(5-25A/50-1000V) Forward dual IGBT / MOSFET driver IC (5-25A/50-1000V) 60-300K 60-300K 25X23 25X23
      KD204 KD204 臥式驅動器,雙正激IGBT/MOSFET驅動器IC(20-60A/400-1700V),參數與KD202相同,臥式安裝 Horizontal drive, dual forward IGBT / MOSFET driver IC (20-60A/400-1700V), the same parameters and KD202, horizontal installation 20-200K 20-200K 28X25X15 28X25X15
      KD3xx系列半橋IGBT/MOSFET驅動器 KD3xx series of half-bridge IGBT / MOSFET driver
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 工作頻率 Operating frequency 尺寸(寬x高) Dimensions (W x H)
      KD301 KD301 IGBT/MOSFET半橋驅動器(20-60A/400-1700V) IGBT / MOSFET half-bridge driver (20-60A/400-1700V) 40-250K 40-250K 41X28 41X28
      KD303 KD303 IGBT/MOSFET半橋驅動器(20-60A/400-1700V),可在較低頻率工作 IGBT / MOSFET half-bridge driver (20-60A/400-1700V), can work at a lower frequency 15-100K 15-100K 47X29 47X29
      KD4xx系列同步整流IGBT/MOSFET驅動器 Synchronous rectification KD4xx Series IGBT / MOSFET driver
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 工作頻率 Operating frequency 尺寸(寬x高) Dimensions (W x H)
      KD401 KD401 驅動同步整流或BUCK電路中的開關和續流2只大功率VMOS管,兩路輸出互相隔離 BUCK-driven synchronous rectification circuit or switch and the continued flow of the two high-power VMOS tube, the two mutually isolated output 60-250K 60-250K 28X29 28X29
      KD402 KD402 驅動同步整流或BUCK電路中的開關和續流2只大功率VMOS管,兩路輸出互相隔離 BUCK-driven synchronous rectification circuit or switch and the continued flow of the two high-power VMOS tube, the two mutually isolated output 20-200K 20-200K 29X34 29X34
      KD403 KD403 驅動同步整流電路中的兩只中小功率的同步整流管和續流管,無負壓,兩路輸出不隔離 Driven synchronous rectification circuit of the two medium-sized and small power synchronous rectifier tube and the continued flow control, no negative pressure, the two non-isolated output 100-300K 100-300K 12.5X11.5 12.5X11.5
      KD5xx系列IGBT驅動器 KD5xx Series IGBT drive
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 工作頻率 Operating frequency 尺寸(寬x高) Dimensions (W x H)
      KD501 KD501 驅動200A/1200V或400A/600V IGBT一只 400A/600V IGBT driver or a 200A/1200V 20-80K 20-80K 29X30 29X30
      TX-KE系列驅動器 TX-KE Series drive
      變壓器隔離,采用調制技術,次級采用調制式自給電源,無需用戶提供隔離電源;PWM開關信息通過調制傳遞到次級。 Transformer isolation, the use of modulation techniques, the use of modulated sub-self-sufficient power supply, no need to provide isolated power supply; PWM modulation transfer information through the switch to the secondary. 工作頻率范圍寬,占空比可在0-100%之間。 Wide range of operating frequency, duty cycle can be between 0-100%. 內置過流保護功能。 Built-in overcurrent protection.
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 手冊下載 Manual Download
      KE103 KE103 變壓器隔離IGBT驅動器IC,采用調制技術,無需隔離電源,內置過流保護功能。 Transformer isolated IGBT driver IC, the use of modem technology, no need to isolate power supply, built-in overcurrent protection. 工作頻率范圍0-100KHz,占空比可在0-100%之間。 Working frequency range of 0-100KHz, duty cycle can be between 0-100%. 下載 Download
      驅動板系列 Driver plate series
      集成了驅動器及其外圍元器件,(以及輔助電源),配合用戶的主控板和功率器件,構成完整的電源系統,最大可驅動1000A以上的IGBT。 Integrated drive and its peripheral components, (as well as auxiliary power), with the user's control board and power devices, a complete power system, the largest of more than 1000A to drive IGBT. 板上輔助電源有AC/DC、DC/DC和自給電源等多種型式。 There are on-board auxiliary power supply AC / DC, DC / DC and self-sufficient in power and many other types.
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 尺寸(長x寬 Dimensions (L x W
      x高) x H)
      DA101D DA101D 二單元超大功率IGBT驅動板,帶DC/DC電源,可驅動1000A以上IGBT 2只 Second, ultra-high-power IGBT drive module board with DC / DC power supply, can drive more than 1000A only IGBT 2 114.5x79.5x30 114.5x79.5x30
      DA102D系列 DA102D Series 超大功率IGBT驅動板 ,內置DC/DC電源,每路輸出20A驅動電流,可驅動高達2000A/1700V的IGBT模塊,有一、二、四、六、七單元多種版本可選。 Ultra-high-power IGBT driver board, built-in DC / DC power supply, 20A per output drive current, which drives the IGBT module 2000A/1700V up, one, two, four, six or seven versions of a variety of optional modules. 三段式完善的過電流保護功能,即插即用設置簡單。 Perfect three-over-current protection function, a simple plug-and-play setup. 產品手冊下載 Product Manual Download
      DA962D DA962D 2單元IGBT驅動板,自帶DC/DC電源,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統 2 unit IGBT driver board, bring their own DC / DC power supply, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board 97x66x30 97x66x30
      DA962D6 DA962D6 6單元IGBT驅動板,自帶DC/DC電源,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統 6 unit IGBT driver board, bring their own DC / DC power supply, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board 186x98 186x98
      DA962A DA962A 2單元IGBT驅動板,自帶AC/DC電源,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統 2 unit IGBT driver board, bring their own AC / DC power supply, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board 97x66x30 97x66x30
      DA962BA DA962BA 全橋4單元IGBT驅動板,帶AC/DC輔助電源,4路獨立信號輸入,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統 4 unit full-bridge IGBT driver board, with AC / DC auxiliary power supply, 4-way independent signal input, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board 154x74 154x74
      DA962HA DA962HA 全橋4單元IGBT驅動板,帶AC/DC輔助電源,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統 4 unit full-bridge IGBT driver board, with AC / DC auxiliary power supply, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board 154x74 154x74
      DA841HD DA841HD 全橋4單元IGBT驅動板,帶DC/DC輔助電源,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統 4 unit full-bridge IGBT driver board with DC / DC auxiliary power supply, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board 154x74 154x74
      DC101 DC101 2單元IGBT驅動板,自帶分時型輔助電源 2 unit IGBT driver board, auxiliary power supply comes with time-based 80x46x32 80x46x32
      DE103 DE103 1單元隔離IGBT驅動板,自帶調制型輔助電源,可拼接成多單元板 1 unit isolated IGBT driver board, auxiliary power supply comes with modulation type, can be spliced into a multi-unit plate 88x35x30 88x35x30
      DE103H7 DE103H7 7單元完全隔離IGBT驅動板,自帶調制型輔助電源 7 units are entirely isolated IGBT driver board, bring their own auxiliary power modulation 201x89x30 201x89x30
      DA962 DA962 2單元IGBT驅動板,兼容5V和15/12V主控板系統,需要外接輔助電源 2 unit IGBT driver board, compatible with 5V and 15/12V system control board, the need for external auxiliary power supply 67x66x30 67x66x30
      DA3H962 DA3H962 三相橋6單元IGBT驅動板,需要外接輔助電源 6 units of three-phase IGBT bridge driver board, the need for external auxiliary power supply 114x90 114x90
      DAH962 DAH962 全橋4單元IGBT驅動板,需要外接輔助電源 4 unit full-bridge IGBT driver board, the need for external auxiliary power supply 114x60 114x60
      DA902H6 DA902H6 三相橋6單元IGBT驅動板,需要外接輔助電源(代替DA3H962) 6 units of three-phase IGBT bridge driver board, the need for external auxiliary power supply (instead of DA3H962) 139x77 139x77
      驅動電源系列 Power Supply Series
      專為驅動器配套,隔離電壓高,有AC/DC,也有DC/DC。 Support for the drive, high voltage isolation, there are AC / DC, also DC / DC.
      型號 Model 簡要說明 A brief description of 尺寸(長x寬 Dimensions (L x W
      x高) x H)
      PA201 PA201 AC/DC電源,隔離電壓4000V,雙路隔離輸出,2x24V/5W,適用于半橋電源 AC / DC power supply, isolation voltage of 4000V, dual isolated output, 2x24V/5W, applied to half-bridge power 61.4x38.7x23 61.4x38.7x23
      PD203 PD203 DC/DC電源,隔離電壓3000V,雙路隔離輸出,2x24V/5W,適用于半橋電源 DC / DC power supply, isolation voltage of 3000V, dual isolated output, 2x24V/5W, applied to half-bridge power 50x21x13 50x21x13




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